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VP /
Chief Operations Officer /
Photographer &

After earning her Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA), Joan took a position as the office manager in the USDA Forest Service’s national procurement office that specialized in the procurement of aircraft for the suppression of wildland fires.  Joan also gained experience in contracting and procurement experience supplies and equipment.  She worked on various Aviation contracts such as: helicopters of all types, airtankers, fixed wing, and a mutli-million dollar MAFFS project with the US Air Force.

In the development of the aviation contracts, she followed the Federal Acquisition Regulations for content, and formatted the solicitations and contracts, as well as analyzed bid abstracts.  As a contract Inspector, Joan insured that all work performed was within the Scope of the Contract.  She was also responsible for the coordination of data and wage determinations from the Department of Labor for current contracts and solicitations.  Joan compiled information and maintained data for quarterly fuel surveys to update the airtanker, helicopter, smokejumper, and light fixed wing aircraft flight rate tables. 

Joan has tracked, reconciled, and maintained the financial statements for various enterprises --  from aviation to agriculture.

Joan's work with WingBar Aviation LLC has taken her to countries such as Panama, Greece, Brazil, Argentina, and Canada to photograph and videograph the training to enhance the collection of training and course materials.  She has created many of the graphics and videos as well as the logo and flight patches that are awarded after each student completes the training program.

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